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For many consumers, a loan from Switzerland is the last chance to take out a loan despite having already accumulated debts. After all, it is the Across Lender who have no access to Credit Bureau and therefore cannot make a specific query regarding payment behavior and previous financial life.

But what sounds so simple and safe requires a little thought and preparation, because even the Swiss do not handle their money lightly and look closely to whom they approve a loan despite debts from Switzerland and who does not.

There are many loans – but no loans for debt

There are many loans - but no loans for debt

Countless loans are applied for from Cream banks every day. Not all inquiries are of interest to the banks and therefore lead to a conclusion. Many of them are rejected because the applicant already has debts and these have a negative impact on Credit Bureau. It is often the Swiss loan that can still help here and provide the money needed.

To do this, you first need to contact a suitable bank in Switzerland. In addition, it must be ensured that the necessary requirements for such a loan can be met. Because in order to be able to obtain a loan from Switzerland despite debt, at least regular work must be demonstrated that does not function on an independent basis and generates a high income.

This is how it works with a loan despite debts from Switzerland

This is how it works with a loan despite debts from Switzerland

You can apply for a loan from Switzerland either directly with a Infra bank or through an intermediary. The cheapest way is to contact the bank directly, as this saves the costs for the intermediary. Almost all banks have a website where you can look up the conditions for a loan.

In addition, there are often corresponding online forms for the application. If you have chosen a bank that wants personal contact with the borrower, then a trip to Switzerland must be planned. This is certainly not a problem for places close to the border. Everyone else might want to make sure that they find a bank that can process the loan application in other ways as well.

The money is usually paid when the signed contract is with the bank. The banks are happy to transfer to a checking account. A cash payment is also possible on request.

Tip: Cream banks only grant loans to consumers from abroad up to an amount of USD 3,500.

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